About Us

The International Professional Musical Instrument Repair Association (IPMIRA), established in 1981, aims to maintain high technical skill levels of instrument repair technicians, develop and monitor technician training, and provide technical exchange opportunities to ensure professional care for musical instruments.

Musical instruments are part of the musician's body. When there is a problem with the instrument, beautiful music cannot be made, just as if the player was sick. A musical instrument repair technician is like a musician's doctor, providing appropriate treatment when the performer becomes ill.

We have seen many unqualified technicians repairing instruments indiscriminately and without care. Not only can they not restore the original sound of the instrument, they can also cause irreparable structural damage to the instrument. This is painful for both the performers and the audience.

Our mission is for every instrument doctor to have the expertise to treat the instrument and maximize its recovery. Our special certificate verification and professional assessment mechanism will eliminate technically inadequate technicians and provide systematic training for those who are interested in the industry.