Accredited course requirements

The approved courses of the Association are formal training courses for professional musical instrument repair technicians. Each area is planned and operated according to the local environment and needs. All local courses must be accredited by the Association before they become approved courses, and continuous monitoring is carried out to ensure that the courses remain at this level. It is the duty of the trainers to ensure these requirements are met, while maintaining the quality of the technicians after completing the course.

The basic requirements for applying to become an accredited course:

Approved technician course

  1. Not less than 12 months, a total of at least 96 hours of theoretical and technical classes
  2. Adoption of the assessment

Accredited professional courses

  1. After completing the approved technician course, under the supervision of a registered member or registered professional member, conduct an internship for at least 120 months for a minimum of 120 hours and pass the assessment.

Course Structure Reference

Accredited Course Registration

Institutions interested in setting up courses, providing course content and structure for review by the Association, and can contact the Association at any time.